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"So, when are you having another baby?"

June 10, 2010 // Uncategorized

A question I get asked at least 5 times a week is, ‘when are you going to have another baby?’. I know it is human nature to be inquisitive and inquire about these types of questions in other peoples lives but I really don’t have a decisive answer to give. Last week, during 1 of the 5 times, I gave it a bit more thought that usual. When will we have another baby?

Ben’s first year of life was so much harder than I had thought and he was so much more baby than I had imagined. I only started to feel like things were manageable at about 14-15 months into the job of motherhood. This correlates strongly with when my baby started sleeping peacefully through the night. Hmm…coincidence?

The answer is, yes we do want to have another baby! In our ideal world we will have 2 children and be a family of 4 but the thing is (you’ve been waiting for me to tell you about the thing, right?) I am really happy and content right now. Ben is a fantastic toddler and we have a great work life family balance going on right now. I finally feel like all things are in line and am not sure why if I want to mix that up right now. I have dinners out with girlfriends, share a bottle of wine with my husband and am starting to enjoy this all night sleep in a major way.

So, my question to YOU is simple: when did you feel the time was right to have another baby join your family? Maybe you don’t have any babies but you might still have a strong feeling about this.

Don’t forget that June is my 1 year blogiversary and there are presents to be had!



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