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The End Of An Era: Goodbye Glass Coffee Table

June 25, 2010 // Uncategorized

This afternoon I took a minute to straighten up the living room while Ben was napping. I was busy moving around our totally inappropriate glass cubed nesting tables, when my mood went from fantastic to totally ogre like. These glass nesting tables have always been totally inappropriate for family living and came straight from our pre-baby days; when having glass nesting tables with pointy glass edges was completely appropriate and stylish. Sure we had to move them out of the living room whenever little children came for a visit, but that was fine with us! The trio of nesting tables were modern with clean lines and fit into our decor.

In the past I’ve cringed many times when my toddling baby would play around the nesting cubes. I always thought it would take a sweet baby to dictate the removal of this piece of furniture from our home. I felt confident that the pointy glass edges would meet a sweet little forehead and be the reason we had to toss them to the curb. So, what a total shocker when the reason we have to get rid of them was me!

Over the years one of the glass cubes bit the dust when the vacuum smacked it head on, creating a glass catastrophe that resulted in the trio becoming a duo. From then on the glass duo of cubes moved around our living room and became a bit chipped from all the wear. Nothing major, just a slice off the bottom that you could hardly see and a chip here and there from bumping around.

This afternoon in my quick effort to tidy the living room by shuffling around the tables, I sliced my bare toe open on one of the chipped raw glass. There was fresh red blood and a bit of pain and my mood went from terrific to completely foul. Who do you get angry at when the fault belongs to yourself or an inanimate object? To make matters worse, and to show my level of smarts, I had to make sure that the glass was the culprit to the toe injury. Meaning I took my finger and smoothed it along the line of jagged chipped glass. Resulting in…..a cut finger and a wounded bloodied toe.

Goodbye glass nesting tables! Good riddance! They have been officially moved aside and I am already day dreaming about our next new coffee table without any sharp pointed glass edges! Maybe something similar but a little better will grace our apartment style.

Acrylic Coffee Table from
(Note the soft rounded edges of this acrylic table!)

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