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Week 4 Celebrations! Pop The Champagne Please!

June 21, 2010 // Uncategorized

Remember back when you were a child and went to birthday parties; you loved the cake and the games and the party bag at the end of the day. The party bag was the perfect way to cap off a birthday party and let you enjoy some extra treats later on.

This blogiversary of mine is no exception and there is a party bag for one lucky reader! This is the final week of giveaways and it’s been an absolute blast hosting a month of presents. This week the present is a gift from me to you and not sponsored by anyone.

One winner will win a ‘Mama in the City Loot Bag‘ made up of items from my previous blog posts on ‘Product Placement Wednesdays’! The loot bag contains some of my very favourite treats that I hope you will enjoy.

While some of the items may say ‘baby‘ , they are still fabulous to use on your adult self! The winner will get: 1 bottle of Burt’s Bees Baby shampoo and body wash (also makes a good face wash and make up remover!), 1 pack of Methodbaby Squeaky Green dryer cloths(we use this on our clothing and it smells great), 1 pack of Starbucks Via Rail instant coffee, Rocky Mountain’s Eczema butter bar, 1 sachet of Rocky Mountain bath salts in Relaxation blend, 1 bright red nail polish from Sephora by OPI. All together it makes a seriously awesome loot bag!

The details: Leave me an anniversary greeting in the comment section of this post! Anyone can enter, even if you have won a giveaway in the past. Contest open to all Canadian and US residents. This giveaway will be open for 1 week and the winner will be drawn next Monday June 28th, 2010. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me to claim this fancy prize.

**PS- You don’t have to be a mama to enter this giveaway! You just have to be a reader of this blog!**



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