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A Hard Hat & A Thank You Note

July 25, 2010 // Uncategorized

Dear City of Vancouver Construction Workers,

Most people really quite dislike the interruptions that road work brings, especially on hot summer days when there are lots of out of towners visiting. People generally don’t like the loud sounds and the closed roads with detours to skirt the construction zone, road construction is right up there in the list of annoyances.

The exception to this is my boy Ben; he is the biggest fan of all things related to Vancouver road work and construction. The sights and sounds thrill our nearly 2 year old with such awe and excitement that we can hang out on the sidewalk for a good 10-20 minutes, just to watch the movement of the trucks and crew. If there is any drilling, it is just an added bonus.

My husband and I take turns going for morning walks and stopping along the way to watch the sights of the construction work along the main streets. Our boy loves it so much that we’ve made up a new sign with his hands to indicate all things construction, it is tres cute! Ask the boy about a ‘digger’ and he will show you the sign. It’s sort of like a hand claw that motions but in a sweet not scary way.

The other day one of the friendly crew members recognize us and gave Ben a hat. Thank you! The friendliness from the crew was so appreciated and so was the hard hat for our boy. I was really impressed with how kind all the crew members were with letting a young Vancouverite admire their work.

Ben willingly puts on his yellow construction hat and plays around at home. Thank you! I’m sure the road work will be going on for some time, which gives us ample opportunities to stop by on our city walks.


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