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Ramblings and Get-Aways: Just A Little Update

July 2, 2010 // Uncategorized

Right now we are on a get away from our usual city life, we left behind the constant buzz of emergency vehicle sirens and downtown traffic for the slower pace of island life. Going out of town is a wee bit of a production when you are one of those true city dwelling folk. There are car rentals to arrange and planning the perfect time to exit the downtown core, in order to not get swallowed up in the morning work traffic.

We’ve done this particular get away many times before and we now have a pretty good time line. Luckily for me, Ben was on his best toddler behavior during our car ride and subsequent ferry ride over to Vancouver Island. Today there was also matching Canada Day t-shirts for the little cousins, miniature cupcakes and a festive BBQ. I might have done a dance with sparklers but this was purely for the entertainment of children.

There will be more fun to come over the next few days and hopefully more sunshine and relaxing moments sipping beverages that alternate between coffee and wine. On this get away I am on my own with Ben and my husband is living it up bachelor style back home. This means he will grow a mustache, eat a pizza and enjoy an afternoon nap in peace.



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