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Thoughts On Buying The Perfect Present

July 7, 2010 // Uncategorized

I’d consider myself to be a thoughtful type of person who generally likes to make people happy. This personality trait ends up trickling into the enjoyment I get from buying gifts for people and remembering various special occasions. Whether the gift is needed for a birthday, a holiday pressie or even ‘just because’, I like the opportunity to shop and pick out a gift to match the recipient.

There is definitely a skill behind buying the perfect gift and there is so much enjoyment to be gained when you know your gift is really enjoyed. A basic principle behind successful giving is timing and thought. In fact, I believe in these two principles so much that I am always on the look out for upcoming gifts.

Anyone can run to the local drugstore and pick up a bottle of bubble bath and shove it into a festive gift bag, but where is the thought in that? Presents do not always have to be big ticket items and you definitely don’t have to empty out your kids piggy bank trying to scrape together enough cash together to afford it. Ultimately it is the thought that counts when giving a present, but why not try to make your thought a little more special and a little more well received.

If you feel really lost about what to buy for your friend, go ahead and pick a theme to base your present around and stick with it. A colour theme can work nicely and is visually pleasing, look for a trio of pink objects to gift to your best gal pal who loves all things pink. Groups of three work great and who doesn’t enjoy opening multiple packages?

Pick out a perfect scent for your friend with a Voluspa Candle

Add a little flare and excitement with a lovely Hanky Panky panty.

Follow it up with a gorgeous pink lip gloss from Sephora and you have put together a thought out present.

Another approach to buying a gift is looking on line and not just in the shops in your town. This is a great idea for all you busy people who never have enough spare time to go out and about shopping. If your friend has a passion for being in the kitchen, why not go along with her interests and shape your gift around it.

Pick out a handmade vintage apron from Etsy by SugarPieChic

Pair it with some lovely mixing bowls and you have put together a personalized gift and now hold gift giving power! You can pat yourself on the back knowing that you have really done well in the gift buying arena. I like to check out Etsy for great handmade items, there are so many wonderful artisans on there and I am constantly impressed what what they have to sell.

I know that sometimes your change purse might be a bit tight and gift giving can stress you out. How can you be thrifty and stay on budget but also give a really great gift at the same time? The real answer to being thrifty is, buying ahead of time and always being on the look out for that discounted item that will still thrill your friend.

Often I think about a month ahead and slowly figure out what I might want to give, don’t be shocked when I let you know that I already have figured out exactly what I will be buying my husband for Christmas (I know). I find that by giving myself lots of time to seek out personalized present ideas, results in happy friends and less stress for me. There is nothing like scrambling around the day of and trying to buy a present for someone, so be kind to yourself and avoid that mess. Do you have any good gift giving tips to pass on?



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