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Toddlers in Toyland and Adventures in Technology

July 20, 2010 // Uncategorized

My husband had to get an iPad for work and he brought the iPad home and I gave it a whirl, it turns out that I didn’t car that much about it. I didn’t really get the whole concept of why you would use an iPad and was much happier on my laptop.

We decided to download some toddler applications about colours and shapes along with some Itsy Bitsy Spider. It turns out that toddlers really get the hang of the iPad and they love it. Our boy figured out that with some finger swiping and tapping he could turn things on and off, and start of applications all on his own. We have it set up so that he can play with it safely and so we let him learn with a little technology.

Ben recently had a friend over, and watching the two of them play around on the iPad made me realize that these little ones are growing up during a time where technology is moving exponentially fast. I have no problems with Ben playing different learning games via technology. I don’t believe that childhood learning has to be all about wooden blocks and home made flash card, I love watching Ben learn how to navigate through technology.

What’s your thought on letting wee ones play around with this type of technology? Are they growing up too fast or keep up to speed?



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