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Deep Fried Oreos and Family Fun

August 27, 2010 // Uncategorized

If you live in BC you probably already know all about the annual summer event of the PNE in Vancouver. It’s a Vancouver classic and has been around for 100 years, it started out to be all about farms and animals but now the tradition includes mini donuts, fair rides and of course the Super Dogs show.

This year we went with both of my sisters, both of their husbands, and my niece and nephew. We had a total of 6 adults and 3 kids in tote while we toured around the grounds. We hit all the classic exhibits and consumed a large amount of mini donuts and fair food.

My husband really wanted to try the PNE’s deep fried Oreos. There was the choice of deep friend Jelly Beans along with the traditional funnel cake. Of course.

We had so much fun that we missed Ben’s afternoon nap. He did so well and was fueled with fair food and fun, but he ended up crashing on the car ride home.



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