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Hawaii 2.0: Let’s Go Again!

August 19, 2010 // Uncategorized

Last September our boy had just turned 1 year old, and a few days later we left him with his grandparents while we jetted off to Maui for a couples vacation. We were in Hawaii a total of ten days, but with travel on both ends it was close to a fort night before we saw our boy. Who knew that you could actually survive a whole 2 weeks away from your ‘just weaned’ boy! While we were in Hawaii we talked a lot about Ben and missed him a whole bunch, but we also enjoyed time together as a married couple.

Together we had big plans to sleep through the night and wake up whenever we wanted to, and we did that and it was fantastic. We also wanted to enjoy late dinners and holding hands and remembering what it meant to just be together. We had such a fantastic vacation and came back to real life feeling connected and rejuvenated with the promise that we would make time for each other.

The thing is, life will always be busy and that is just the way it is. Even if you have no kids, or 1 kid or a whole bunch of kids, life gets busy and overly full and sometimes you need to remind yourself that it’s time to reconnect with your partner.

I’ve definitely found that since going back to shift work it is harder to make time for date nights and quiet moments together. Couple that with parenthood and those moments get further apart. We both accept that as full time working parents we will have moments of chaos but we need to ensure that we celebrate our marriage together.

This means that we’ve booked another trip to Hawaii! I had some vacation time coming up and we thought it was a great opportunity to go on another couples vacation. Thanks to my generous family, Ben will have his own wee vacation in the comfort of their home. I know many families who choose to vacation together as a family unit, but we decided that a week spent together to kick up our heels and enjoy ourselves as a couple, was beneficial to our family unit too!

I’m sure one day Ben will be lucky enough to splash in the surf of Hawaii alongside us, but for now we’ve got a trip planned to Kauai for just the two of us, my husband and I!



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