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Knocked Up in the City: A Guide To Pregnancy in Vancouver

August 3, 2010 // Uncategorized

So, you’re on your way to becoming a ‘Mama in the City’ and you want to know the inside scoop about being pregnant in Vancouver city. This is your spot, dedicated to all you up and coming mamas to be! I had a great deal of fun exploring the different shops and services in the city when I was pregnant 2 years ago and collected various information along the way.

Mama in the City’s Top 10 List

1.Soma Studio in Kits is focused on providing massage therapy for all your aches and pains and ever changing pregnancy body. I started going here around the 20 week mark and went very regularly and into the post partum period. The RMT’s had an excellent knowledge of pregnancy and the physiological changes that happen, as well as your own specific concerns.

2. I took Heidi Klum’s pregnancy advice around fashion through pregnancy. While the bump is still growing and barely there, stick with loose tops and flowy shirts. Once your bump is out in full force go ahead and enjoy your curves! Snug t-shirts and bump hugging outfits are where it’s at when your past that confusing bloated look.

3.My favourite maternity brands were Ripe from Australia, such smooth fabric and I found the fashion sense to be right on. I bought a bathing suit and a few different tops from Ripe and an awesome pair of ever expanding pants. They washed well and worked right up until the end of my pregnancy and I have them in a box for potential use later on. Take a boat ride over to Victoria and shop for Ripe items at La Mama maternity boutique in downtown Victoria. Both of the tops in the photos on this blog post are Ripe.

4. You are going to need to step up and realize that you now wear a different bra size. The double bubble has to go and comfort is your friend. Treat yourself, and your growing bosom, with a proper bra fitting over at Diane’s Lingerie on South Granville. The ladies will pick out a perfect bra that will continue to grow with you through out the 40 weeks. I really liked the Anita brand that they fitted me with, and went on to love the Anita nursing bra post partum.

5. Go ahead and book your date night in now! Go for dinner with your gal pals and take full advantage of your evenings. While ‘drinks out’ might mean a Pellegrino with lemon, enjoy the moments and conversation with people that you :heart: .

6. Unfortunately, I didn’t find too many great maternity shops in Vancouver or surrounding areas. I wished and wished that a Gap Maternity would come to the city but it never did. Instead I had my Florida mother in law ship me a package of the basics of maternity jeans, tanks, a few other things too Gap maternity. I did check out Zara Mum and there is also now a small selection at H+M.

7. One thing I wish I had known was that by signing up for a contest, at certain chain maternity stores, you will be entered to get mailings from a formula company for about a year. I found that weird and it makes me question the marketing of formula. I found this article from the WHO on ‘International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes’ and thought it was interesting.

8. If you want to buy your big ticket items from the Vancouver boutique shops, give yourself 6-12 weeks before it ships to you. I am going to bet this is pretty standard in many cities but I was totally baffled. 12 weeks for a crib? Okay, now I know. Too bad I fretted over the crib and it’s arrival, Ben didn’t sleep in it until he was over 8 months old and he is still in it today at nearly 2.

9. Totally be that person who has goes on a babymoon! I didn’t feel comfortable going too far from home once I was really along the way, so heading to Whistler and staying at the Four Seasons was a great treat. Perfect for a couple about to transition into parenthood or others who are further expanding the family. If you go to Whistler during the off season you can enjoy reduced rates and all you can stand sunshine while sitting in the hot tub and enjoying the mountain view.

10.Stay active and check out the many different pregnancy related fitness programs that Vancouver has. Bare Fit and Pregnant and Fit 4Two are two to check out. Being active in your pregnancy and staying strong can really be beneficial for you during birth and through your initial recovery.

So, do you have any insider tips on being pregnant in your city? Maybe you’re also a Vancouver mama and have insider tips of your own to share? Leave me a note below!



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