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Rolling Out Of Bed Mid Afternoon

August 31, 2010 // Uncategorized

I am feeling quite lazy this afternoon and don’t feel like doing much of anything at all. In fact I rolled out of bed around 2 PM and am currently lounging on the couch sipping coffee and wearing my robe. I know it sounds like the life of an early 20 something with no big responsibilities except enjoying the day. The difference for me is that I worked last night and got home around 8 AM and into bed around 9 AM. I totally crashed into a deep sleep for 5 hours and woke up thirsty and a little big sore from work.

The big devastation came after I rolled out of bed and realized that there were no coffee beans in the apartment. No java to make a french press with, no back up Starbucks Via to whip up an instant caffeine fix. I am utterly and totally dependant on having coffee when I wake up, whether that is in the morning or in the afternoon, I need my fix! I felt so defeated that I headed back to bed to lounge some more.

Lucky for me, my sweet husband saw my disappointment and walked to the local grocery shop to pick up some beans so I could indulge in a delicious cup of coffee. If the Vancouver sun had been out today, I would wandered outside to get a latte but today the rain was pelting and my laziness ensued.

Unfortunately my lack of energy didn’t really shift despite my consumption of caffeine, and so I sit on the couch lazing around as my busy boy makes the living room is toy den. I really don’t feel like getting up to much and just feel like recovering from ridiculously busy shifts at work. I probably won’t even get out of my pajamas today and I am totally okay with that.

What perks you up when you are feeling the lazy tired vibe?



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