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Benjamin’s Birthday Bash in Blue and Green

September 13, 2010 // Uncategorized

I love to plan get togethers and parties, I love the anticipation and planning that goes into even the smallest get together. I start thinking about details in advance and am always gathering ideas about how to make a party go smoother (do you have any?) or fun creative ideas. My goal is always to have no stress so that I can actually enjoy the party, I think that I am getting much better with that over time!

This weekend I tested out my party planning skills when I hosted Benjamin’s 2nd birthday party. I wanted it to be small and low key without a lot of fuss, and I think I almost fully succeeded with that. I wanted to be able to feel calm and enjoy the small moments with family and friends and the boy of honour.

For Ben’s party I decided to go with a colour theme to help tie things together and give me a little focus with my plans. I picked out Ben’s top two favourite colours, blue and green, and used them as the guide in my party plans. The guests were invited to wear their favourite shade of blue and green and it was fun to see people show up in the theme colours. I iced chocolate cupcakes with homemade blue and green butter icing and found a shop that carried M+M’s in blue and green.

We invited Ben’s little cousins and neighbourhood friends to meet up in our apartments party room, and had a Saturday brunch that included Mimosas for parents served in little plastic glasses. We played a mean game of ‘Pin the tail on the puppy’ and all the fun that a parachute can offer (which is a lot if you are 2).

Lesson learned: blue lollies give blue tongues, lips and faces, which is pretty cute if that also happens to be your theme! Ben had his first lollipop at his birthday party and got the hang of it within about .10 second.

I’m crazy enough to admit, I’ve already started to daydream about hosting my next event. Do you have any Martha Stewart like tips on how to host a great party? Please tell!



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