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Ben’s Birthday Bicycle

September 6, 2010 // Uncategorized

Tomorrow I go back to work, and will be between night shifts on the day my boy turns 2. I’ll be at work helping some other mama deliver her birth day baby (maybe at 3:38 AM as well?!). So, because of this we decided to give him his birthday gift this afternoon, and since Ben can’t yet read the calendar, this worked out well for all of us. We gave him an orange balance bike from Strider and took it outside for his initial test drive.

He really wasn’t too sure about the bike and he looked quite concerned about things for the first while. He inspected all the tires and tried to get on it a few times, and he pushed it around like a walker.

He sang ‘Happy Birthday’ when we told him it was his special birthday bike, but he wasn’t too interested at trying for more than a few minutes.

We headed back inside and I ended up carrying the bike back with us. I can’t help but think that soon my months of training Ben to sing the perfect rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ will pay off!



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