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Dinner and a Movie

September 29, 2010 // Uncategorized

Last night there was no two year old in our apartment, so we decided to make the most of this rare moment and head on out! We decided that the old fashioned combo of dinner and a movie was perfect, and so we headed over to the Yaletown eatery ‘Society’ where we munched on comfort food that was pushed to the next level, think lobster with gnocchi.

Despite the over talkative manager, the dinner out was simple and nice. We hemmed and hawed over which flick to go see but decided on a theater that was close and so we hit up ‘Wall Street’. Dinner and a movie is a simple pleasure that we used to do a lot back in our pre-parenting days. It feels so nice to do something that is comforting and enjoyable, and dinner and a movie is that perfect combo

It was great to have this evening out but it felt weird to go home and not have Ben there, and no dog to take out for a walk. I told my husband that if in fact the dog was still with us and not off on her own holiday, I would have for sure volunteered to take her out for her nigh time walk. For sure! My time off work has just begun and I’ve already emailed them to make sure I’ve been taken off the call list. I’ve done my time and am looking forward to the quiet comfort of a holiday!

A final note to wish my Mum a very special birthday today. She is going to be celebrating her day with a certain young man. Happy Birthday Mum! Thanks for taking care of our boy!



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