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Guilty Habits And Other Confessions

September 23, 2010 // Uncategorized

I have a few guilty pleasures that make my cheeks blush pink when I admit to them out loud. A few of my guilty pleasures revolve around the telly and are slightly embarrassing. Last year I told you how I into Gym Tan Laundry, and I was secretly cheered up by the comments left siding with me in my guilty television habit. Tonight I’m shutting the curtains and hiding out on the couch while tuning into a PVR of Teen Mom.

Even though this teenage drama makes me constantly cringe, and the decisions made by the parents are overwhelmingly bad, I still tune in each week to follow the crew. I might miss a week here or there and fast forward through ultra annoying parts, but I actually sort of follow the girls and their babies.

Another confession leans toward the nerdy side of things. It turns out that I relate well to the comics on The Oatmeal, and I can be found giggling out loud late at night while checking out their website. The other night I came across, ‘Why working from home is both awesome and horrible‘, I caught myself laughing so hard my cheeks were hurting and I became short of breath. I quickly forwarded it to my husbands email (who happens to work from home) but I’m not so sure he appreciated it as much as me.

This afternoon I baked cookies with Ben and the real reason behind that is because I really wanted to nibble one of them. Now I am stuck with 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies, all for a nibble. My last confession is that I was too lazy to make dinner tonight and so we ordered in. I had ample time to grocery shop and time to come up with an idea, but I oozed pure laziness and there are just so many great choices for delivery in Vancouver.

Do you have any great confessions or your own guilty confessions to tell me? Go on and share!



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