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It’s Playtime!

September 7, 2010 // Uncategorized

Ben is starting to enjoy playing ‘make believe’ and this new milestone amuses me so much. I have great memories of being a girl and enjoying playing house or tending to my baby doll Rachel. We had a little wooden playhouse in our backyard and it had a door with a latch on it, I spent hours pretending that it was my actual house.

I really love the idea of children playing on their own and with others and being able to entertain themselves with creative play. Playtime that makes them think outside the box is great. So, the other day I thought it was pretty cute when Ben wanted to pretend to have a nap on the floor of his room.

He still sleeps in a crib and he got a big kick out of things when I pulled the mattress out to change the sheet. He asked me to put the mattress down on the floor and then got things together and pretended to nap on the floor. We left him alone for awhile and he got books and his bear and pulled up his blankets. He called for ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ and we found him like this.

I love sweet moments like this and I also love that I can tell my photographer husband to ‘go and grab the camera’!



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