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Goodbye My Hawaii! The Best Of The Best In Kauai

October 8, 2010 // Uncategorized

Last night as we flew to Seattle for our transfer flight, we saw the grey and the looming wetness and realized that our Hawaiian vacation was officially over. Our blood had acclimatized to the warmth and humidity of Hawaii and so we felt the chill in the air as we boarded our little plane on the tarmac. No matter how much I enjoy any vacation, I am always pleased to be back home; apparently home is really where the heart is!

We initially picked the small island of Kauai as we got a fab deal on a nice hotel via Priceline. We are always that couple that likes nice things but we also like to score a great price at the same time. Kauai is a lot smaller than the island of Maui and that was palpable on our first trip outside of our resort. The island has a population of about 65,000 people, which is a lot less than the small town that I grew up in. Nonetheless, the beauty of the island was shining through and we enjoyed this Hawaiian vacation on many levels. If only I packed proper pants and shoes, we could have taken advantage of all the amazing hikes throughout the island.

In our usual fashion we sought out the best of the best with guidance from Yelp and reviews on TripAdvisor. We literally found the best tacos ever tasted compliments of Pat’s Taqueria on Hanalei Beach. He has a shiny white cart with a small menu of absolutely fantastic tasting food. I indulged on the fish taco with fresh salsa and I was crying tears of delicious enjoyment with each juicy bite.

On our last day in Kauai, my husband suggested that we go and do something fun. I was a little bit leery because his idea of ‘something fun’ in Maui was doing this terrible anxiety inducing drive. It started as a lovely scenic car ride that turned into something that still gives me PTSD and flashbacks. OMG! Reversing down hair pin turns with to let the oncoming car pass along the cliff edge. Ack! Heart palpitations!

This time around something fun was a private plane tour above the island of Kauai! Through Trip Advisor, he found Wings Over Kauai! This is something fun that you can do if you just packed your sundress and flip flops! Perfect!

The whole experience was wonderful and every detail was taken care of, from the ease of booking to the friendly check in and the actual flight. I’m one of those people that enjoys the small details and so the hand picked flower for my hair and the nut lei were touches that made me smile.

Viewing Kauai from the air was amazing and I am so glad that we took this flight. We were up in the air for about an hour, the pilot, Bruce, narrated what we were seeing with interesting facts through out the whole flight. The pilot really made the difference and his passion for flying and for Kauai were evident.

Now it is back to reality and my vacation time is nearing its end. It is also time to go and pick up our much missed much loved boy Ben. Next time we go on vacation our sweet toddler will be packing his suitcase along with us. It was nice to relax at an adult pace and not have to worry about car seats, naps and toddler friendly activities, but the truth is that we talked about him A LOT!



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