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Oh My! The Scent Of Plumeria And Shopping In Kauai

October 3, 2010 // Uncategorized

As soon as we set foot into our hotel, I could already smell the gorgeous scent of Plumeria wafting through the humid air. I fell in love with this gorgeous scent last year on our first trip to Hawaii, and so when I picked up the scent of Plumeria this time around I was so happy! Lovely Plumeria grows all around the island and I love when the gentle breeze picks up the scent and floats it through the air.

Plumeria is, “…a traditional flower of the Hawaiian lei, treasured for it’s stunning rainbow of colors and exotic, uplifting aroma.” From the box of my Kauai made Malie Organics.

Room spray, hand made cream soap and perfume oil.

Last year I only realized what exactly that amazing smell was on our very last day, I ended up buying a handmade bar of Plumeria scented soap on our way to the airport. I loved that bar of soap so much that I took care to utilize each little flake of soap and was so sad when the bar withered away. This time around I knew that I wanted to find some Plumeria scented products to bring home with me, especially handmade local products.

Today we had a car and drove to the little town of Hanalei just outside of where we are staying. My husband was very very kind and let me browse and sniff and seek out the products I was wanting. In good news, I ended up supporting the local Kauai economy by purchasing some very nice locally made Plumeria scented products. I had to restrain myself from buying too much because even the best thing can be overkill in large amounts.

I was so excited by my first find of Plumeria mist that I started spraying it all over myself before I realized that it was actually room spray. Thankfully, as it was a great handmade product, it was free of crazy chemicals and totally okay to get on my skin. So, next week if you start to smell something amazingly fragrant it just might be me walking down the street in Vancouver city, spritzed with my Plumeria room spray nonetheless!



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