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Pineapple Wine Is… Hawaii In A Bottle

October 5, 2010 // Uncategorized

Last year we discovered that one of the main tropical fruits grown in Hawaii was being turned into delicious pineapple wine! We found a ridiculously well priced (by Canadian standards!) bottle of pineapple wine, Maui Blanc, and purchased it right away. From the very first sip it was delicious and shouted ‘Aloha!’, we fell in love with this wine produced by Tedeshci Vineyards in Maui, Hawaii.

This time around we sought out this specific bottle of white wine and were so happy to see it stocked in the numerous ABC shops scattered through out the island. We are already on our second bottle of wine and its unmistakable crisp pineapple flavour. It is mild and light and you can taste golden pineapple with each sip.

Sipping a cold glass of pineapple wine on our hotel patio, white hotel robe and all!



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  1. OMG, this sounds delicious. Wonder how they make the pineapple wine though. For instance, is it made with fermented pineapple or is it white wine with pineapple flavoring?

    • Ooh you would love it! It is literally made with 100% Maui Gold pineapple. No grapes. It has the sweetness of the pineapple but it is still a crisp white.

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