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Confessions Of A Holiday Junkie: It’s In My DNA

November 10, 2010 // Uncategorized

I am going to admit something to you. I am already getting excited about the upcoming holiday season. Meaning I’ve already started making lists in my head already. Ack! I know. It’s plain ol’ ridiculous and it is November, but I am a hard core advanced planner and I love the change of seasons. I think it is just part of my DNA because my mum is also a major advanced planner. I think she asked me about Christmas this past summer. This advanced planning gene means that I welcome the holiday season with open arms, albeit a little bit early. At least I am honest in my confessions.

I’ve already signed up for a holiday cookie exchange with work friends, and I have my 3rd annual trip to the Circle Craft Christmas Market booked with a girlfriend. I’ve already been eyeing my delightful red and white holiday coffee mugs that are sitting in the storage room, and have been using great restraint from bringing them out and replacing our everyday blue Denby mugs.

My husband is a lot more low key about holiday preparations than me. He might get into the Christmas mood closer to the middle of December. I respect that but I just can’t help my love of planning for the holidays. For me it is the anticipation and the preparations that get me right into that cranberry scented mood! The funny thing is, no matter how much I adore the holiday seasons I am usually happy to see it finish. Since I know that all good things will eventually come to an end, I am going to slowly start to embrace the upcoming holiday. Maybe those red and white holiday mugs might end up making an appearance before December 1.

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