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November 14, 2010 // Uncategorized

We’ve been fans of Granville Island since before I was a Vancouver resident, we even had our wedding reception at one of the theatres back in 2005. Ben has been going over on the water taxi for awhile and the boy digs that place, he gets very excited when he knows that a trip there is on our agenda. Today Ben and I were heading over to Granville Island to meet up with my youngest sister for a morning of wandering and shopping. I was looking forward to going and the excitement from Ben was obvious. Made even more obvious with the singing of,’Auntie! Boat! Auntie! Boat!‘.

Wearing his handmade penguin hat and scarf and looking for auntie.

There she is!

I was worried that it might be a blustery rainy kind of day, being that it is November in Vancouver there is a good chance of that. So, we bundled up and packed our umbrella and hoped for the best. Our tough Vancouver skin ventures out in all sorts of rain drops, but it’s always nicer when it’s dry. Ben was hollering for ‘Auntie!!’ as soon as we got on the water taxi and was eagerly peering out of the windows trying to figure out where she was.

Since Ben is a regular on Granville Island, he knows where things are and what fun things there are to get up to. Of course there were rides at the Kids Market, and the train table to play with in one of the shops. We also had to go and feed the birds their lunch of seed. It’s all just part of being a kid on Granville Island. Ben loved hanging out with his aunt and held her hand and walked along with her.

Worth the dollar it cost for all the laughter and giggles, but hilarious that my sis thought it would cost a quarter.

So much dedication goes into feeding these ducks.

On a side note, I missed my photographer husband coming along. I am not nearly as handy or talented when it comes to photography and capturing a toddler on the go.



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