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Five Years In. Five Years Out 2.0

November 16, 2010 // Uncategorized

The other day I was having a very nice conversation with two friends when one of them asked me about my five year plan. Since my friend seemed quite interested in my response, I gave it some thought but ended up feeling totally stumped. I hadn’t really given much thought to the next five years, and with realizing that it turns out that I’ve currently finished up my previous, albeit unofficial, five year plan. I’ve accomplished what I wanted to and now I wonder,where does that leave me? Apparently I need a new five year plan, and the idea sort of excites me.

This was my previous five year plan, it wasn’t too complex and looked something like this:

Get married to a great guy– did that back in 2005 and five years later he is still pretty great!
Go back to school to specialize in perinatal nursing– still working at a job that I enjoy and love that I am no longer ‘new’. I’ve got experience and that can go a long way.
Try and have a baby– A few pregnancies later and then came Ben.
Travel around with my husband– Hello, Holland, Italy, France, England, Hawaii and more!

My friends big question was fantastic, and really made me stop and think about the direction of things in my life. Just like many of you, a lot of my days are just about coping and moving through the hours. I can get so preoccupied with trying to get everything accomplished, and don’t often get many moments to question the way things are or where they are headed.

I know that it is okay to do the same thing day in and day out with no five year plan in the picture. There is comfort in familiarity and stability that comes with routine. Yet, new adventures and moments of good stress always seem to end up becoming some of my favourite new moments. Going back to school was a little stressful, especially as I went back on the tails of our wedding. Having a baby was stressful and the transition to motherhood was harder than I expected. I still loved having to go through all of those moments of stress to get to the outcome.



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