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I’m In Love! Swooning Over Etsy

November 17, 2010 // Uncategorized

People! I am so in love. In love with all things on Etsy that is. I can’t deny my love for beautiful handmade items or the attention to detail that creative people seem to have. I’m a fairly recent Etsy buyer and I’m loving window shopping, via my lap top, and seeking out lovely items for my holiday shopping list and beyond. I’ve known about Etsy for awhile now, but hadn’t bought anything until pretty recently. Now our postie will be working over time to bring me all my special treats.

I really like the idea of supporting a small home business and buying their items, instead of pouring my money into a box store or large chain. A custom made organic cotton toddler pillow will be arriving very shortly, along with a sweet blue handmade pillow case. Sure, this is something I could have picked up at the local box shop, but I feel proud knowing that it wasn’t made in a factory. Instead it was crafted by hand, by a women not too far away.

I’m really not a crafty type, but I do enjoy looking through other peoples creations and I admire the talent so much! Go on and share the love affair with me. I love Etsy.



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