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"It’s Not Me. It’s You", Said The Girl Who Loves To Celebrate

November 30, 2010 // Uncategorized

If you happened to read my blog during the past month, you might have caught the hints that I am a holiday loving type of girl. I love the anticipation of it all unfolding over the season. It turns out that through some gentle sarcasm along with some good old fashioned ribbing about these early celebrations, I’ve come to realize that my festive passion does not flow as freely amongst all of us. I get your hints people, but I am not going to falter with my anticipation! After all, I am the girl that has a birth month and not just a single birth day.

Many of my days are filled to the brim, so when I get the opportunity to indulge in minor holiday festivities I’m right there with my holiday sweater on! Going back to the days when Ben was a PURPLE cry baby, and I was alternating his crying with my own, I still found a spot of time to send out Christmas cards and still attempted some sort of merriment. I didn’t get a tree up or put up any decorations that year, but I still felt the holiday spirit.

During the month of November I freely admitted to testing out the holiday waters with a few early events. I’m not even going to deny my early celebrations since I’ve left a trail of evidence right here on this blog. There was my 3rd annual Circle Craft Christmas Market outing. Then there was a night out watching ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ over at The Granville Island Stage with a girlfriend. This month also brought my rediscovery of Etsy which helped me with the early purchases of some holiday gifties for some special people in my life.

My celebrations may be extremely early (you know who you are!) but I will not hesitate in showing my love of celebration and festivity!

PS. I don’t really have a holiday sweater, but if I did it might look something like this one



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