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Looking Forward and Feeling Positive: The Big Boat, Sisters and More Lalapops

November 3, 2010 // Uncategorized

Today is my Friday and I have officially started my weekend so to speak. Any fellow shift workers knows that the true weekend doesn’t really mean much, and as you move through days and nights Saturday/Sunday can just mean work work work. So, today I rejoice in the fact that I have 5 glorious days off in front of me!

Right now there is sun shining and there is a warmish breeze blowing through the windows. I’m sipping a cup of french pressed coffee while Ben has his afternoon nap (let’s hope for a good one today!!). My eyes are still a bit weary from being up all night, but I did sleep for almost 4 hours (yeah, read that with a little sarcasm). I’m not one of those hard core night shift workers that like to stay awake when they get off of their last shift. I believe in sleep and need it to keep my blood sugars running smoothly and also my mood from going sour. Apparently I am hard to live with when I work all night and don’t get much sleep, which is just so hard to believe (again, with the sarcasm).

Here is what I am looking forward to on this chunk of time off (besides getting some more sleep, of course).

1. Tomorrow Ben and I are heading over to beautiful Victoria to celebrate my older sisters birthday. There will be a ladies dinner out, presents to give, birthday cake and celebrations all around. Ben is very excited about going on the ‘big boat’ to see his Auntie and once he heard that she might have a lollipop for him he chanted, ‘big boat! auntie! lalapop!’. Parenting lesson, I guess kids catch on fast when it comes to sugar.

2. I’ll be around to watch some junk TV on Thursday night. Most of the time I wonder why I watch some of the Thursday night crap that I do, but I feel committed to the insane plot lines and PVR the shows if I am working.

3. We have a little friends 2nd birthday party to attend and I always get a warm fuzzy feeling going to birthday parties of children that I have seen since they were days old. Ben has been eyeing her birthday gift that is sitting on a vanity in my bedroom. He seems to get that it isn’t for him but he is still rather curious about it.

4. I want to spend my time off feeling strong and healthy. I will try to reverse the extra salt and sodium that may have been consumed on one of my night shifts by drinking lots of water and eating healthy. A note for you: eating hint of lime tortilla chips at 2 AM is never a good idea.

5. After spending time with my island family, I’ll see my little sis and share some wine with her before I head back to work and repeat the shift work. Nothing says sisterly love like a shared bottle of vino.

What’s making you happy these days?



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