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Shifting Seasons: Snow Caps and Recaps

November 26, 2010 // Uncategorized

I recently felt the seasons shift and winter blew into the city of Vancouver and all of its neighbours too. I do enjoy living someplace where seasons truly do change. I was also reminded of the fact that it is all ‘shorts and sun’ in other parts of the world right now. Come January I might be feeling jealous of all our Florida relatives and their summer wardrobe, but right now Winter really lends itself to the Christmas Season.

Last weekend I attended the annual Circle Craft Christmas Market, with all the fabulous artisan items and various hints of the upcoming holiday. Browsing around let me know that the seasons were definitely switching. I’ve been going to the Circle Craft Christmas Market with the same girlfriend for the last three years, and it has become part of our tradition to check it out. This year one particular shop, LuPrints caught my eye and I fell in love with them, they are a local handmade textile shop with many fabulous items for the home. I took a long time browsing at this particular stall and ended up going home with a few special things.

Dear Santa, Please give me anything from this shop. I have been very good this year.

Today we woke up to fluffy white stuff falling from the sky and so we enjoyed a lazy calm morning lounging together in bed, we ate pancakes and sipped coffee. It was a fantastic feeling to be all snug and warm together, all while looking out the window and watching snow flakes flying around over False Creek. I almost didn’t want to get out of bed, but we had to get bundled up and head outside and walk to our morning toddler gymnastic class. I had to dig pretty far into the back of my closet to find proper boots, coats and the usual snow day accessories. I was fretting a little bit about pushing the stroller through the accumulated snow but plowed on just the same.

The view from above. Pushing my 2+ year old UppaBaby Vista Stroller through the snowy city streets. So thankful for good stroller tires!

Heading home, Ben is in love with the snow and not so in love with wearing mittens.

Are you shifting seasons where you live? Are you in shorts in the sun or bundling up with scarves and mittens too?



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