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Vancouver Mom Product Review: Imagination Stories by Stef Green

November 3, 2010 // Uncategorized

Vancouver Mom asked if I was interested in reviewing a product for them, when I heard the product was going to be a story time CD for toddlers I perked up! Growing up, my English grandma would send me books on tape and listening to them became one of my favourite presents to receive from her. I would listen to them at night before going to bed and enjoyed creating the characters in my head, I can still remember listening to Matilda by Roald Dahl.

The CD I reviewed was created by local storyteller, Stef Green of North Vancouver. She is the talent behind Story is fantastic to see the creativity of a local mother at play. Stef is the sole talent behind this collection of story time CD’s. Imagination Stories; Stef’s collection of CD’s provides delightful short stories for the 2-5 crowd. Stef has a flare for sharing stories with preschoolers that engages them in imagination play and encourages them to listen and physically act out the characters and their experiences.

The story CD I received was Imagination Stories, Volume 1 and had 3 short stories that totaled around 20 minutes of listening time. I played it for my 2 year old son and, while he is on the younger side for these fun stories, he quite enjoyed hearing Stef’s voice and listening to the story unfold. There is something about her English accent that seems to automatically charm little toddlers! Each story is short enough to work well with the attention span of preschoolers and would definitely grow with your child throughout their preschool years. The CD is perfect for a quite time at home or to provide a bit of creative entertainment on a car ride.

I found that the more I played the stories over, the more my own child seemed to enjoy and anticipate what was coming next. Since Ben is 2, I needed to participate with him to get him into the stories, but an older child would love to play this story CD again and again all on their own. You can buy your own story time CD over on Stef’s website and pick out the perfect one for a holiday gift for the preschooler in your life.



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