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December 30: L.O.V.E!

December 30, 2010 // Uncategorized

Today I woke up early(ish), at 6:30 AM which isn’t too early, and was fortunate enough to laze around in bed for awhile. I was able to watch the sun come up while sipping coffee and think about today. While other people are still bustling from Christmas activities and busy planning their NYE events, I’m thinking about my wedding anniversary today.

Hair done! Taking a taxi cab back to my apartment for further primping.

It turns out that our anniversary date is a pretty random acquirement and even the month wasn’t really selected by us. We had gotten engaged the December before and were pretty eager to start the wedding plans and get the show on the road! I knew that I wanted to book our reception at Performance Works Theatre on Granville Island, so it was really their availability that gave us our wedding date. Friday December 30, 2005 was the day they were free and we happily accepted it by sending a hearty deposit their way.

Getting married in December does have its perks! Since it is the wedding ‘off season’ things are often a lot cheaper and, for the most part, you can hand select whatever vendor you want without battling other brides. Sure you have the risk of snow or horrid cold blasting at your guests, but with love in the air that is soon forgotten! In fact, I have no big memory of the cold on my wedding day and was only just recently reminded of the chill by my sister. On my wedding day I was walking around the city in my dress with only a touch of cap sleeves to protect me from the elements.

Classic cake cutting…but our cake was a fake! We had plated dessert brought out for guests instead.

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One of the professional pics of the sisters!

Winter weddings are romantic and elegant, and it turns out that I love celebrating our anniversary after Christmas and before New Years. Tonight we have booked an over night babysitter and have plans to late night dine in our favourite restaurant and then check in to a luxurious hotel. Another bonus of Winter anniversaries is that hotels are in their off season, so you can five star it without paying full price.

Are there any other Winter brides out there?



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