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I’m In Total Vacation Mode And Loving It!

December 20, 2010 // Uncategorized

I’m currently on day 3 of my two week vacation away from work; I feel like I have to clarify it like that because mum duty is 24/7 and continues on despite not being at work. This means that my plate is significantly less full right now and I am quite enjoying that. I tend to only realize how much work takes out of me when I’m away from it for awhile.

I purposely booked this time off work as a stress buster around the holidays. I wanted to enjoy all the festivities without feeling that hankering of the never ending holiday to do list, and the many holiday get togethers that show up on the calendar this time of the year. As I was leaving work on Friday I heard quite a few, ‘Wow! How did you manage to get that time off!?’. Well people, I gave up some Summertime/Springtime vacation for some cold Wintery Holiday vacation time. It’s as easy as that!

In just 3 short days I’ve manage to do many great things and I’m embracing this time off work with a lot of pajama lounging and movie watching too. I’ve already watched multiple bad holiday movies with my loving husband (who humors me by watching them too). I’ve spent an afternoon with some girlfriends having high tea in a lush hotel lounge downtown. We spent time chatting, hot tubbing at their hotel, and finished the evening sipping some sangria bianco out on the town.

I’ve finished every single piece of Christmas shopping that was on my list and was so happy with myself for not going over board or over budget, which easily happens with the flashing SALE signs and glitz of holiday goods. Since I’m on vacation I was also able to have a special girlfriend over for our annual Christmas present exchange, we feasted on cheese and wine while Ben hammed it up.

So, it seems that things are going very well so far. I am eager to take a break from shift work and the toll that it does on my sleep and body. I am quite happy to lounge in my pajamas with my boy Ben and eagerly await all the exciting upcoming Christmas festivities and family moments.

Hoping to build our own snowman this Christmas!



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