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It’s A Toddler Christmas: Part 2.0

December 22, 2010 // Uncategorized

If I could hand pick qualities I’d like my children to have they’d be compassion, kindness and strength. All of these are fabulous qualities found in a good friend, which is something I truly appreciate. When Ben was born my friend Sarah was pregnant alongside me with her first born too. I love sharing our parenting experiences with each other and I truly appreciate her love of my own son.

I had Ben first and 8 weeks later she had her daughter Brooke. Over the last two years we’ve had many get togethers with Ben and Brooke. Maternity leave was great for weekly power walks and baby dates. Their names became something you could say really fast together, “BENANDBROOKE”. They crawled in the grass together and were snug in their slings against our bodies while we walked the Vancouver Aquarium. Over the last 2 years we have made an effort to get BENANDBROOKE together for baby (turned toddler!) dates. The two get along fabulously and it is so very sweet to watch their toddler friendship bloom.

February 2009

It’s toddler present exchange time!

Ben gets a wooden coffee maker from Brooke and the delight is palpable! Soon their will be actual milk put into the coffee cup compliments of Ben.

Messy faces from chocolate covered strawberries. Sharing a seat while colouring, that’s what friends do!

Oh! Almost time to go home. Which means, time for goodbye kisses!

Do you remember your childhood friends? Does it give you warm fuzzies inside? I think childhood friendships are so important and so special too. I love that BENANDBROOKE are buddies!



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