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Thanks Martha: Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookie

December 3, 2010 // Uncategorized

I’ve got a cookie exchange tonight and need to bring 9 dozen delicious cookies to share. At first, the thought of baking 9 dozen seemed quite daunting and I really wasn’t looking forward to having to bake that many at one time. I did a lot of recipe studying and trying to figure out how to yield a highly delicious cookie without too much fuss.

I scoured Cooks Illustrated and Martha Stewart and flipped through many many cookie recipes until I found the one that sounded perfect to me. Which is how I picked, Martha Stewart’s Mexican Hot Chocolate cookie. A similar recipe comes from Cooks Illustrated but the one I picked was a little simpler, which was the ultimate deciding factor with 9 dozen cookies to be baked.

There happened to be a couple of incidents in the baking process. Don’t worry, the incidents did not effect the final cookie! My hand mixer bit the dust when the motor burned out, causing me to feel quite significant grief and upset. Thankfully that happened after I had mixed 95% of everything together. Before that happened, I had mixed up my butter and sugar only to realize that I had used all the sugar in the dough, including the sugar that was suppose to be set aside for the outside coating. So, I started over and made perfect cookies but still have a bowl of butter and sugar in my fridge. Not sure what do with it but I am determined not to just throw it out! Any ideas?

Here is the recipe for Martha’s Mexican Hot Chocolate cookies. Totally delicious and do not be scared of the chili powder, it does not add hot hot heat in anyway. It mixes with the cocoa flavour and just adds an enhanced cocoa flavour and a nice warmth in your mouth.

Take a look at last years cookie. Apparently, I love chocolate and Martha, the difference is that this years cookie is so much more delicious!



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