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Celebrating With Birth Fest 2011

January 10, 2011 // Uncategorized

I’ve always had an interested in birth, and that extended to all things birthy like breastfeeding and prenatal care. Once I had my own baby, my passion for birth increased ten fold once and with a different more personal approach. After the experience of being the labouring mama, and not the labour and delivery RN, all the pieces connected and I felt inspired about birth! This works out perfectly given my career.

At any moment you may find me chatting about prenatal care with my girlfriends or chit chatting about boobs, bellies and babies with whomever might be interested. Talking about birth is a guaranteed conversation booster among most women I meet. Whether they’ve had their own positive, or even stressful birth experiences, women seem to connect with other women when they talk about birth. One thing I know for sure is, women have amazing memories for details when it comes to talking about their own birth story!

I was contacted by Karen from New and Green Baby to let you know about this years Birth Fest. I was excited by the idea and hadn’t actually heard of this event before now. Birth Fest is an annual event held locally in Vancouver, this year they will be celebrating their 5th birthday. Birth Fest is held over 1 day with various vendors to shop at, and a multitude of support people to connect with. It’s all about being supported by your community, and this event gives you ample opportunity to surround yourself with people and businesses that will encourage you in parenting.

Check out the Birth Fest website to get more details on this event!



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