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There Is Something About January

January 1, 2011 // Uncategorized

From the many years that I went to school, from the ages 5 to 23, September and January have become permanently ingrained in my mind as months that represent fresh starts. For me, both of these months are bursting with possibility at a chance for a fresh start and an openness of time. I’m not someone who tends to make New Year resolutions, but I do rather enjoy thinking about a clean start.

Like clockwork, just before September and January start, you will find me doing my big ‘Spring cleaning’ at home. I purge out all the excess stuff that’s accumulated over the last six months. I donate bins of old clothing and organize and tidy up loose strings and book my overdue appointments. Doing this gives me a sense of great satisfaction and helps keep the space in our apartment. All of those items that have sat and collected dust and are being crammed into the corner of a closet in our apartment; all of those things are collected and let go of.

January makes for a grand entrance into newness with the possibility that hint that things might just turn out really good. I know there is nothing magical or secret about a single month. I know that simply changing my calendar from old to new doesn’t guarantee anything really great will take place, it’s just that possibility of new that gives me a feeling of happiness and maybe even a surge of excitement!

Now with this new month ahead, I hope to feel an increased amount of energy gained from having 2 weeks of vacation away from work. I already feel more calm and relaxed and have plans to enjoy my official last day of vacation with a brilliantly clean and tidy house that is rid of all Christmas decorations.

If you are wondering where all the photos are for this blog post, check out the photo post below. Happy January!



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