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All In A Day’s Work: Bedtime Rituals With Ben

February 3, 2011 // Uncategorized

I was away at work all day and eagerly anticipated my arrival home to my sweet little family. We recently moved Ben’s bedtime from 7 PM to 8 PM, which means that I get to see him before he goes off to sleep. Usually I’m rushing out the door of the hospital by 7:30 PM and flying home so I can get a smooch and a cuddle in with him. When he was younger and going to bed at 7 PM, I could go 48 hours without seeing his sunny face.

I love Ben’s bedtime routine and tonight was no exception. When I got home he was all warm from his bath and ready for some book reading; we read a few books while lounging in between the sheets of my bed. Tonight’s book list included house favourites from Curious George followed by a make believe story made up by yours truly.

How lucky am I to get these moments with my growing boy? Ben is currently fast asleep and I’m about to head into the bath and relax from my shift at the hospital, and tonight I feel complete and happy.



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