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My Personal Great Big TO DO List

February 25, 2011 // Uncategorized

I have a constant TO DO list in my head and it’s always running through my mind. If I wake up in the middle of the night, it somehow finds me and reminds me of the things that need to be done. When I’m feeling pulled in all directions, the list comes right at me letting me know there is still lots to do.

These things aren’t necessarily vital to the progress of my daily life, that’s why they’ve lasted so long on my mental to do list. However, I feel so full of contentment when I do get through a good portion of the list. When I can mentally shorten that constant running list, my life has more peace.


I had been meaning to do the mandatory recertification of my Newborn Resuscitation Program for the last year. It’s been hanging on my list for a full year. I even signed up for a course back in December but ended up bowing out a few weeks ahead because I just didn’t have the time to study. So, it felt fantastic when I did the course this past Wednesday and passed the written test and skills portion with no problem. I can check that one off the list and sigh with relief!

My teeth are currently clean and fully scraped of any plaque and tarter because I went to the hygienist for my biannual cleaning yesterday. I had already rescheduled it once before and was even debating rescheduling it for a second time. Only, I wasn’t as organized and didn’t get on to rescheduling it. Which forced me out the door first thing yesterday morning to go and meet with my overly chatty hygienist. I always dread the ‘how often do you floss’ question because 1) I know it is really important and 2) I don’t floss. Which leaves me with flossing dread.

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I had been meaning to phone up my friend and touch base with her, knowing that the weeks coming up were leading to the painful first anniversary of the loss of her baby girl. I initially meant to send her an email and make a date with her. In fact I wrote that email IN MY HEAD about ten times, but I never sat down to write it or even call her. I kept reminding myself to do it and I never did it. Instead I put it on that big TO DO list and it just sat there. So, I was so happy when she called me up, and we chatted and set up a date.

While Ben napped yesterday I decided to keep on conquering that looming list and got my 2010 taxes all organized. I felt like I was on such a roll that I even made the tax appointment with my ‘tax lady’ for tomorrow afternoon. Bring on the tax refund that I know is coming my way. Another potential thing that would have sat on my list forever.

There are about 101 other things that are on this list but now that I’ve taken care of the top few I feel so much more relaxed. Does your great big to do list ever wake you up at night?



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