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Three Favorite Things

February 14, 2011 // Uncategorized

I have many many favourite things. Some of my favorites you buy in a shop and some are moments, feelings and simple gestures. When I find something that I simply adore, I get the urge to share my finds.

1) I knew that I loved this personalized mug cozy from the first moment I first saw it. The colour is vibrant and I can think of a few friends that would appreciate this hugging their tea mug. I wish I could crochet and be able to whip up something like this, alas I don’t even come close to having the skills.

Handmade mug cozy by KnitStorm

2) My heart skipped a beat when my little sis told me it was Clinique bonus time! I love Clinique for their long lasting eyeshadow and get oodles of compliments whenever I wear their Lucky Penny shade. I restocked on shadow and happily took home the bonus gift. Even a bigger bonus is that the shade of lipstick is fantastic!

3) One of my favourite bloggers is Sarah James over at Whoorl. I’ve been reading her blog since before the term ‘mommy blogger’ was really thrown around. She recently shared a heart felt post and I’m passing it along to you. Post 1) Madeleine and Post 2) Snippets.

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