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Date Night!

March 29, 2011 // Uncategorized

It’s been quite awhile since a date night has occurred for us. Back in our pre-parenting days, date nights were a plenty and there was always a new frock or fancy top hanging in my closet ready to be worn out on a fun evening out. Of course things are different now, but just because our lives have changed doesn’t mean I don’t pine for nights out with my husband. In fact, I think it makes me wish for them even more.

When I heard that my little sis was free to come over and watch her little nephew, I got a lovely soaring feeling of excitement. A dinner date with my husband? Yes please! Out and about where ever we want to go? No 5 PM dining at a family friendly restaurant eating hamburgers. Wahoo!

Thinking about checking out the much talked about L’Abbatoir in Gastown.

I wish date nights would happen much more frequently but I’ll take what I can get. So, come Wednesday night I will don an outfit that isn’t child friendly and maybe pull out some shoes that are all about me. We are still tossing around ides for our dinner date, but I have no doubt that a good time will be had. Now let’s hope that we can get through our date without spending the majority of time chit chatting about our sweet boy Ben.



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