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Family Living In The City: It’s Not All Highrises and Cement

March 19, 2011 // Uncategorized

Since becoming a mum I’ve come across many people who have let me know their thoughts about raising a family in the city. For the most part, they seem to think that living downtown is full of such anonymity and isolation and isn’t ideal for families and really shocked when I tell them we don’t have plans to leave.

People have told me outright that there is no way anyone should raise children in the city, where would they go and what would they do? I’ve been told by friends that children need to have a cul-de-sac to play in, and almost total strangers have been baffled about where Ben would even go to school.

I’m sure if you only venture into a city for a big night out or a stadium event, you really aren’t exposed to the wealth of family friendliness that encompasses Vancouver city living. If you only stay on the paths of the bustling shopping streets or the congested traffic areas, you probably won’t see the elementary schools or the lovely community centres that are sprouted through the city. I’ve learned that there is so much more goodness to being a family in the city, and it’s not just car exhaust and cement buildings.

This morning we walked down the street to go for brunch, along the way we stopped to say hello to the various neighbours we ran into. We chatted on the sidewalk with one of the Obstetricians I work with who lives downtown with her own Apartment Baby, and we stopped and chatted with a neighbour over at her new baby boutique shop. Amongst all the high rises there is a sense of community where we live and that is what makes it feel like home to me, and so far I’ve had the greatest experience raising my little family in this city

During brunch we looked around the restaurant and saw so many other families enjoying their own family brunches. We joked that all the single people were probably still in bed at the time we were dining! At least that’s where I’d be if I didn’t have our constant alarm clock called Ben.

Waiting for the arrival of waffles.

We enjoyed sipping cappuccinos and shared some chocolate croissants before munching on delicious Eggs Benedict. Afterwards my husband took Ben to one of the neighbouring playgrounds and spent some time looking at worms and running around. I came home to a quiet apartment and proceeded to do laundry and the usual weekend tidy. Just another weekend for our family!

A rare few photos of my husband and Ben in front of the camera. Thank goodness for the iPhone!



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