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The Sag Continues: Embracing Aging With Open Arms

March 3, 2011 // Uncategorized

When I was 21 I was standing in my tiny college apartment getting dressed to go out. I remember having a moment where I thought, ‘this is probably my body’s prime’. My skin was smooth and tight, there was not a half wrinkle or any tiny crinkles on my face. All things womanly were perfect and held in the exact right place. I was old enough to be considered an adult but aging was still something that didn’t seem applicable to me. So, I twirled and danced around the apartment and finished getting dressed before heading out.

Ten years later I’m sitting on my ivory suede stool in my bedroom perching at my mirrored vanity. I happen to have one of those extreme mirrors that show every pore in a magnified way, Ben was curiously watching me as I sifted through my hair line and viewed all the brand new hair growth that had come up. In this case the new hair growth has come up in the silvery colour. Tiny little sprouts of silver darted up everywhere. Ben loudly exclaimed, ‘GREY! Like Papa’s hair!’ and right then, I knew there was no going back.

I’m aging and it is now starting to be more obvious and I’m okay with that. There is now a slight sag to the skin on my face and when I furrow my brow I have an obvious dent that could probably house a coin. Sometimes I get sore hips and on occasion indigestion wakes me up at night. I’ve always known that I wanted to embrace the aging process. I want to be that person who accepts each wrinkle and sag. I don’t want to fight this part of my life and try everything to stall it and reverse it.

Take Suzanne Somers, once an idyllic beautiful blonde who did a pretty good job at aging until she went and did this to her face.

Post face lift

While I may indulge in a fancy face lotion or a restorative rejuvenating facial, I won’t ever go under the knife to try and alter my natural person to try and keep looking younger. I’m pretty sure I’ll fix up that new grey hair growth and help turn it to dark luscious brunette, but I think there will be a time when I may just embrace the silvers. Do you accept natural aging or do you embrace technology and plan to seek out the top plastic surgeon?



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