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Childhood Obsessions: Curious George Has Hit Our Apartment

April 13, 2011 // Uncategorized

Every little child goes through a time when something catches their eye and they become obsessed with a certain theme. It might be all things Elmo, Dora or Barbie, and most of the time parents don’t have much control around what their kids become totally over the moon with. I have girlfriends who didn’t push the princess envelope at all, but their daughters figured it out on their own and everything had to be pink and princessy.

With all of the potentially mind numbing options out there, I’m pretty happy with Ben’s current childhood obsession of Curious George. Last year we were going through a love affair with Teletubbies but that is now thankfully over. I know there are a lot more annoying themes than ‘The Man With The Yellow Hat’, or in Ben’s vocab ‘Yellow Man!’. Right now Ben loves all things Curious George and has started to seek out these books when we go to the book shop. He requests them at bedtime and listens intently to each story. He notices if you miss a page and will sit still for an endless amount of moments as long as Curious George is on the agenda.

Today Ben got a new Curious George book from his pal Brooke and he is enthralled with it. He has been sitting on the ground flipping through each page and pointing out the funny parts while having a private giggle. I don’t remember what I was obsessed with at Ben’s young age. I do have memories of loving all things Cabbage Patch but that was later on.

Ben’s newest book for his Curious George collection:

Which character is huge in your household? Do you remember what you were obsessed with back in the day?



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