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Crying Over Change: You’d Have Thought The Vacation Was Cancelled

April 26, 2011 // Uncategorized

A few solid facts about me:

I’m a middle child and I think I sometimes have the classic ‘middle child personality’.

I do not rapidly adjust to sudden changes nor do I purposefully seek out changes.

I really love to have things to look forward to and vacations are at the top of my list.

After a short adjustment, I can usually get on with changes and work with what I’m given.

So, here is the scoop…

We had a family vacation planned that had us leaving Vancouver on April 25th, I was beyond excited and ready! It was just a short trip but I was really looking forward to it. For me, anticipating things really helps me focus on getting through exhausting shifts at work. Going on this vacation was like the collecting the prize!

The night before we are set to leave, our dog gets sick. Nothing major or serious but enough to make us worry about sending her off to the neighbours house. We ponder about what we should do being that it’s the Easter long weekend and literally 12 hours before we are scheduled to fly out of Vancouver.

Apartment dog getting ready to go outside

Given what we were handed, we made the decision to change our vacation plans. My husband got on with re booking the airline tickets (for a hearty fee of course!) and changing the dates for our hotel. While he did that, I got on with being upset about the change of plans. Even though the intellectual part of me knew that this change was the right thing to do, there was a part of me that was sad. Like sad with tears and a full on case of visual upset! My prize for being chugging through all those busy shifts at work, had changed!

I sort of expected my husband to know these solid facts about me when it comes to change. Instead he looked really flabbergasted and perplexed at my inability to change vacation plans at the drop of a hat. Since he is able to do that easily and without too much over thinking, he really did not get my issues at all. These opposite personality traits of ours are probably why we work well together.

In the end we postponed for two weeks and that was that. We got the same type of flight and rebooked the same suite hotel that I was looking forward to. The kicker is, the dog has been totally and utterly A-OK ever since we change our plans!



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