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Mama in the City Is In Victoria

April 6, 2011 // Uncategorized

I’m currently on day three of four days off from work and decided to take Ben to Victoria to celebrate my niece’s seventh birthday. Going over to Victoria involves a little bit of planning since I have to rent a car and load up all of our gear (and birthday presents!!) and car seats, etc and do a morning of travel. It’s really not too bad and I’ve done it enough times now that I’m pretty efficient at the timings of these short little get aways. I always leave the city around 9:30 AM and get to Victoria around 2 PM. This time around we are here for two nights.

Part of our routine is grabbing a latte and a muffin at the Salt Springs Coffee Shop at the Quay while waiting for the ferry.

Since this is a special birthday visit, my sister and I took my niece out for a grown up dinner downtown at Pagliacci’s. If you’ve been to Victoria than you know exactly what place I’m talking about. The birthday girl was treated to a Shirley Temple and an extra large piece of ‘on the house’ chocolate cake.

Ready for dinner out. Primped in her outfit and accessories of choice! It’s fun to be nearly 7!

During our trips to Victoria, Ben has a hard time sleeping at night, especially so on the first night. Even though he sleeps quite well at home, I can always count on a few night time wake ups while we are away. I usually end up hauling him into my bed at some point; he is a boy that likes routine and thrives when things are the same. So, the fact that the crib sheet at home is white, but at Grandma’s it is yellow, is a bit of a deal to him. Last night he came into my bed around 3:30 AM and was instantly relaxed and happy and slept till 7 AM. Of course I somehow managed to be hugging the side of the queen size bed, despite the fact that I was only sharing it with a 30 pound toddler. How does this happen?

We have a few more fun things planned before we leave tomorrow early afternoon and then it’s back to the grind Friday morning and through the weekend. I’m trying my hardest to enjoy some down time and so I decided to write this post while Ben has his afternoon naps (on the yellow crib sheet nonetheless!).

Treats from Auntie Sarah



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