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Confession Of A Vancouver Coffee Lover

May 1, 2011 // Uncategorized

There is no hiding it, I really love coffee! In fact, I tend to think about it an awful lot and have been known to walk in the rain to get a cup. I’ve had a love affair with the java bean for some time now but it has really changed over the years.

1999: Studying in college I’d occasionally grab a flavoured coffee from the likes of Tim Hortons (sort of like Dunkin Donuts for those US readers).

2003: Living in the city and started shift work at the hospital. I bought my very first tiny drip brewer and a bag of grinds I kept in the freezer. I’d mostly buy coffee at the Starbucks next to the hospital and usually it was a latte or some fancy flavoured coffee that was not really coffee.

2005: Started to live with my now husband. We’d go out to grab a drip coffee at the local Tim Hortons or Blendz. It was a little ritual for us to have a cozy walk down the city streets to the coffee shop. I was drinking about 1-2 coffees a day but I wasn’t that obsessed yet.

2006: We got a Cuisinart coffee maker as a wedding gift and started buying different grinds to make our own stuff at home. We became disappointed with middle of the road coffee, so we bought our first bean grinder and started buying fresh batches of locally roasted beans.

2007: Moved to an apartment located next to the high quality Caffe Artigiano and fell in love with coffee and all things related to coffee. We started to pay more money for coffee beans and my husband invested in a fancy coffee bean grinder and switched to a french press. The drip brewer moved into storage, along with its filters. We now knew random coffee facts and the snobbery started.

Making a french press in our Bodum is so flavourful and easy.

2008: I was pregnant for most of this year and cut down on my coffee consumption. I still drank coffee once in awhile but not at the same level as before. As soon as Ben was born, I sent my husband to Caffe Artigiano for a latte. He delivered.

2009: I spent most of this year chronically sleep deprived and on maternity leave. Started going for coffee walks in the city and became an official coffee lover and can not drink just any coffee anymore. I’d make a trek to a coffee shop that I knew had high coffee standards with their coffee preparations.

The rest is history! We’ve been doing the same coffee routine for some time now, and occasionally talk about wanting to roast our own beans. We only buy whole beans that have been roasted within the last 2 weeks and usually from either Salt Spring Coffee Co. or 49th Parallel. We grind them fresh each time we make a press. While my husband can drink his black, I enjoy a splash of full fat cream and a bit of Splenda mixed in too!

One perfect latte. Come to mama!



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