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Mother’s Day Is Fast Approaching! Will You Be Left Feeling Disappointed?

May 5, 2011 // Uncategorized

Mother’s Day can be a tricky thing for some families, and maybe even be a little disappointing for some mamas too. I have a clear memory of celebrating my own mum’s Mother’s Day years ago, it turned into one of those disappointing Mother’s Day celebrations. We didn’t have much planned for the day because we were thoughtless teenagers, so we ended up having a not-so-great lunch at the local airport cafe. Seriously. I’m sure it was a monstrous let down for her and not really much of a celebration at all. I’m sure she was like, ‘What? This is it?’.

This will be the third year that I get to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mum and I’ve gained a different perspective of this annual celebration of motherhood. The first year was very memorable and included me being shipped off to a hotel for a good nights sleep, it couldn’t have been more perfect! Last year was pretty sweet too, so I don’t have any disappointing tales to tell you yet. There are gift guides floating all over the Internet and reminders at every shop, in case someone were one to forget.

Lovely flowers sent to me from my parents on my first Mother’s Day. Such a sweet touch!

The thing is, and tell me if you feel the same way, Mother’s Day should be a day for mums to do what they want to do. If you need to have a day off to do your own thing, then put that request out there. If you want to hang out with your family, go for it! Fellow local blogger Amber Strocel, of, buys her own gift each Mother’s Day. This way she can get what she wants and there is never a hint of disappointment. I love the idea of taking control of your own satisfaction.

For the most part, mum’s spend time with our children on a daily (hourly!) basis. We eat meals together, play together, and share in joyous (and not so joyous!) moments together. What I want for Mother’s Day is the choice to do what I want to do. I might want a mix of hanging out with my family, but I’d also like to be able to do a few things for myself guilt free. Spa time anyone? Maybe I’d choose to do some quiet browsing at a nice bookshop, while sipping a cappuccino?

What is your perfect Mother’s Day celebration? Are you all about the macaroni necklaces or the adult only champagne pedicure? Do you think you would speak up if you end up feeling disappointed?



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