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Wearing Pants At Home Can Be A Good Thing

May 3, 2011 // Uncategorized

A perk of living in a condo is people can’t show up at your front door unexpectedly. Instead, there is a process to go through to get through the main door and even into the elevator. Once you get through the front door, you still need to be ‘buzzed’ upstairs to give you access to a specific floor. Because of this, I’ve grown accustom to the luxury of not having people just ‘pop by’. This means I’m often at home wearing a shirt with no bra, or my hair is tied up in a messy ponytail. Sometimes it also means I’m wearing my big pink housecoat at 11 o’clock in the morning (or 12 noon, I can’t lie).

Fast forward to today: I decided to haul out the carpet cleaner and do a big deep clean of the main carpeted areas. This is something I don’t love doing but being on vacation sort of gives me the opportunity to do all those dreaded tasks.

I hadn’t done my hair, so it was in it’s natural wavy (fuzzy!) state atop my head and I was wearing an old ratty tank top. Thank goodness I had a bra on for once! Seriously, that puppy comes off for the most part when I’m lounging at home. I was also glistening with sweat from the vigorous nature that carpet cleaning is, making for some sweet sweat spots dotting my tank top. Meanwhile, Ben was running around the apartment with only a shirt on. As in, the boy was totally and completely pant less. Only a little green t-shirt on his toddler self.

I had taken a break from the carpet cleaning and that’s when I heard it. The faint ‘tap tap’ of someone knocking on my front door. But who could it be? I hadn’t buzzed anyone upstairs. I peered out of the peephole to see my friendly next door neighbour standing on the other side of the door. I did a quick adjustment of my tank top, wiped the sweat off my face and opened the door. This gets Ben’s attention and he runs up to the door to greet our visitor, who then kindly points out my son is naked. Oops! Why, yes he is!

‘Uh oh! Hello? Whose there?



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