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Summertime Hat Love!

June 20, 2011 // Uncategorized

I’m so excited that tomorrow marks the official start of summer! Despite the fact that Vancouver weather hasn’t really caught up with this idea, I’m still hopeful that tomorrow will be full of sunbeams and people complaining about how hot they are. ‘Wow, it is so hot out. Can you believe this heat?’ Sound familiar Vancouverites?

I’ve had my eye on a few perfect summer hats for awhile now, but I’ve held off buying them because the extensive cloud coverage has been giving the same shadowing effect. If you have not yet ventured into it, summertime is the perfect opportunity to start dabbling in hat wearing . Of course wearing a hat makes you look like a responsible sun worshipper, but it is also a great way to make a fashion statement. Summertime allows you a great opportunity to get comfortable accessorizing with a hat and possibly being one of those people who might even wear hats year round.

Summer straw hat from J Crew.

A very classic look is the wide brim sun hat in a neutral colour. If you are new to hat wearing, you can’t go wrong with picking up one of these hats for summer. I’ve had one in pure white for a few years now, but I’m also really liking this crisp navy blue one from J Crew.

Wearing my hat while hanging out at the Jazz Festival in Yaletown, Summer 2009.

3 sisters wearing hats at an afternoon tea party (back when I was pregnant and carrying my child in my chest).

If you are a local to Vancouver, or if you like to shop online, check out Goorin Bros Hat Shop for a great selection of summer hats for women. I can spy a few that I’d love to wear out and about on a warm summers day, and you won’t catch me being one of those locals complaining about how hot it is! Bring it on!



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