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Happy Birthday To Me!

July 31, 2011 // Uncategorized

Hip! Hip! Hooray! It’s my birthday today! I’m 32 and proud of it. I’ve already had an early birthday celebration with my family on our trip to Parksville where I was serenaded by my niece and nephew with a terrifically loud version of Happy Birthday, complete with balloons and birthday cake.

Growing up with a Summertime birthday meant there was many times I was disappointed when childhood friends were not able to come to my birthday party because of summer vacations. Many times my birthday fell along the August long weekend and so all my little friends were off with their families camping or traveling. You take it quite personally when you are a 9 year old girl and no one can come to your birthday party, ‘what do you mean no one will be home to come to my birthday party?’.

Once I became an adult I often had a birth MONTH celebration. You know, to make up for all that childhood let down from my past. Since becoming a mum my priorities have somewhat shifted and I no longer have a birth month, but that doesn’t stop me from having a birth WEEK.

Let’s recap my week of celebrations so far:

* birthday cake and cheer with my family in Parksville. Complete with a spa gift certificate and a new book
* dinner out with a couple of girlfriends where we ate and laughed and had a good time
* brunch out with one of my oldest girlfriends (thanks teenage babysitter for coming through!)
* a special over night trip, sans child, all lined up by my husband (thanks sister for donating your babysitting skills)

Seriously good times! How do you celebrate your own birthday?



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