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Honey! I’m Home!

July 29, 2011 // Uncategorized

We just returned from a really nice get away to Vancouver Island where we enjoyed the cabin lifestyle over at Tigh Na Mara in Parksville. My husband wasn’t so sure that a log cabin would suit my usual hotel standards. Apparently, he thinks I’m a girl who only likes a posh hotel with room service and luxe bedding. However, this particular log cabin was still a real treat! Any cabin that comes with a waffle robe to lounge in is okay by me!

Each night we had a roaring fire in our living room and enjoyed lounging around and just relaxing. This get away included meeting up with all of Ben’s Canadian cousins (all 2 of them!) and my family. There was beach days, adventures at the water park, and the usual over consumption of holiday food.

Ben really got into the vacation lifestyle and loved waking up and heading right outside to the park. He couldn’t get enough of meeting up with his cousins at the drop of a hat. In fact, when we arrived back home he started to go through vacation withdraw. ‘Where are my cousins? Where is the water park? Let’s go back right now!’.

I was lucky as my Floridian mother in law came along with us. This is our first vacation where we’ve gone along with any family members. There were my parents and both my sisters and their families. We did a little sightseeing and some hanging out. My youngest sister really let loose too.

(Don’t kill me for posting this photo sis. It’s just so awesome!)

Since my mother in law is an early morning riser, she’d get up with Ben in the AM and go out and about while I dozed on and off for a bit longer. Sleeping in is a big plus when you are on vacation. Any break from routine is refreshing! An even bigger plus is watching your 70+ year old mother in law sliding down the slide at the playground with your nearly 3 year old son. I love vacations!



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