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Letters and Notes and Stamps! Oh My!

July 5, 2011 // Uncategorized

One thing that makes me feel a certain type of happiness is sending off letters and cards in the post. With our recent Canada Post strike, I felt an absence of not being able to send off cards and notes to people at my own leisure. Back when I was just a girl, I’d regularly send letters to my English grandma and wait for her response, and in my teenage years I had a pen pal in the UK and we’d send letters and trinkets back and forth. I’ve also always grabbed the chance to send off a thank you note via snail mail.

While I don’t get back too many letters in return, it doesn’t really matter as my joy is in sending the post out. However, I will admit to increasing my mail expectations during the holiday season and around my birthday. Nothing makes me feel a little thrill of joy quite like checking the mail box and seeing a stack of coloured envelopes addressed to me!

I really adore the whole aspect of picking out note cards with thick envelopes and writing a hand written note inside. At any given moment I will have a collection of fresh cards sitting in the pink box in my bedroom closet. I also always have a full stock of various stamps on hand that will get my letters out locally and all around the world. To go along with my passion of sending out mail, I’ve got a stash of personalized address labels, that I picked up from Etsy, with my name is scrawled next to a blue peacock feather. I love taking the time to go through the old fashioned process of sending out mail and thinking about the person who is going to receive it.

Now that Canada Post is back, I have a stack of letters to be mailed!



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