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Hold Me Tight Dad! The PNE Tradition Continues

August 28, 2011 // Uncategorized

Last week we celebrated a Vancouver Summer tradition and headed to the PNE for the day. My husband loves a good fair, especially the selection of fair food and this year there was BBQ to eat. Being a Floridian, my man loves good authentic BBQ!

To express to you just how much he loves a Summer fair, in August 2008 I was big and pregnant with Ben and had absolutely no interest in walking around in the heat for hours. So, he left me at home to relax and took in a showing of Super Dogs and bags of mini donuts by himself. He had a grand time!

Of course, the following year we toted Ben around the fair grounds as a family of 3. Ben hung out on my hip in his sling and enjoyed the outing (and possibly had a little lick of a donut).

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Then last year we met up with my sisters and their families for a whole day of fair madness. We all ingested a lot of deliciousness that even included a tasting of deep fried Oreos.


This year the tradition held up and we were there on opening day. Ben loved going on all the rides and my husband loved to indulge him. Sometimes he’d choose to go on alone and sometimes he was with his cousins or his daddy.

Ben picked the children’s roller coaster to go on and this proved to be a memory in the making!


Can you see the fear on his face? Ahh! He told me he didn’t want to go on this ride ever again.



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